Top 3 Cycling Apps for iPhone and Anroid

Cycling is a sport that is growing in interest in the past few years.  Part of this can be attributed to the improvement in technology, both on the bike, and the devices that can be used to track your rides.  There have been an influx of cylcing and biking apps into the marketplace in recent years, but there are actually only a few very good apps.  Best-Cycling-Apps attempts to help you weed through the apps to find the best ones available specifically for cycling.  Features you might find in the cycling apps include real-time mapping, distance and pace reporting, cycling logs, and sharing among friends and communities.

Below you fill find the best cycling app reviews:

1. iMapMyRide (Free)

The iMapMyRide app does most everything you would want in a cycling app, including real time route mapping, distance, speed, and elevation logging, all synced with a comprehensive website for tracking your cycle history. The app functions well, and its free, and available on both Android and iPhone, making it our top pick.

iMapRide Screen Shots
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2. Cycle Tracker ($4.99)

The Cycle Tracker app also has real time mapping, and tracks almost everything you would want your cycling app to track (time, distance, pace, etc). It also has a feature for goals and intervals, as well as a multi-activity feature. However, at $4.99, we rank this below the free iMapMyRide app.

Cycle Tracker Screen Shots
Cycle Tracker Screenshot 1
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3. Cyclemeter ($4.99)

Cyclemeter is a cycling version of the Runmeter app, reviewed on our best running apps webpage. The app is very nice, and is available on both iPhone and Android. It has all of the tracking, and mapping features of the other sites, as well as a nice website. Additional features include a calendar, and ghost racing. However, at $4.99, we think it doesn't offer enough extra features to rank it above the other two cycling apps above.

Cyclemeter Screen Shots
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Jbox Said

If you are looking for a cycling app, go with Cyclemeter, I have used a few apps and definately like it the best.
# 25 April 2011 at 10:41 AM
Schwinny Said

I use iMapMyRide when on my bike. I have never had a problem with anything in the middle of a ride, which I can't say about any other apps I have tried.
# 19 February 2011 at 1:00 AM